Law Enforcement plays a central role in protecting our communities, but rely on their partners to receive timely and accurate information. 

The MedReportGuard Suite provides powerful tools and automated workflows in three critical areas:

  1. Mandatory Reporting
  2. Forensic Medical Examinations
  3. Forensic Exam Reimbursement through the California Office of Emergency Services 
  4. Referrals to Advocacy Services 

The MRG Suite enables easy handoffs between any mandatory reporter or forensic in your jurisdiction. 

1. Mandatory Reporting

Suspected abuse or suspicious injury reports are required by California state law, however they are typically:

Many healthcare providers do not complete the process at all due to these challenges, and are not aware of their mandatory reporting requirements. 

2. Forensic Exams

Forensic medical examinations by trained examiners collecting physical, documentary, and photographic evidence. This evidence c

3. Forensic Medical Evidentiary Examination Reimbursement

Pursuant to Penal Code SS 13823.95, Law Enforcement agencies may now seek reimbursement to offset the cost of conducting forensic medical evidentiary examinations for victims of sexual assault while funding is available. With the click of a button, you can now submit your reimbursement requests to CalOES through the MRG Suite, and fastrack your requests. 

Eligibility for reimbursement covers any of the following for examinations occurring on, or after, July 1, 2021:

4. Referrals to Advocacy

Increasingly, Law Enforcement plays a role in referring victims directly to advocacy services. Victims can be connected to advocacy services through the application.