We approach every engagement as a partnership, and we work side-by-side with you to make your organization successful.  

To complement and extend the services of the MRG Suite, MedReportGuard provides the following services:


We provide comprehensive training on mandatory reporting requirements, HIPAA, and best practices in trauma-informed care.

Data Dashboards

While the Analyze Module comes with a powerful set of integrated analysis and dashboarding tools, additional custom dashboards can be created. Streamline your reporting with powerful data visualizations and summary statistics.

Outcomes Evaluation and Quality Improvement

Data collected through the MedReportGuard Suite is unparalleled in its breadth and depth, and can be used to drive both outcomes evaluation and quality improvement (QI) initiatives. Many users of the platform have seen immense value in evaluating the efficacy of the services they provide, identifying gaps in services, and understanding where patients disengage from the resources available. 

Data Integration

Historical data may be buried in file cabinets or be stored on hard-drives unused. These data sets are often stored on paper, PDF formats, or excel formats, but are powerful sources of information that can support longitudinal studies or increase the statistical power of your data sets. We are also able to integrate historical records from the Sexual Assault e923. We can help digitize your records and bring to life your historical data.

Implementation Support and Training

Implementation should be simple and minimize disruption to your team’s work. In addition to extensive documentation and training videos, we offer onsite support to help make this process seamless and effective.

Partnered Research and Grant-Funded Projects

We hope to enable responsible research and welcome collaboration on grant-funded initiatives. Our team can provide all of the documentation, statistics, and boilerplate language to support your project proposal.