California has mandatory reporting laws that require HCP’s to report any victim of DV (Domestic violence) to law enforcement (PC 11160).

The problem for HCP’s is that there is no standardized reporting form, no way to track law enforcement (22 police jurisdictions in Alameda county alone) receipt of the mandated report, no centralized data collection, no mechanism to guarantee victims are followed up and provided support services and, no acknowledgement to the health care provider that the patient has received services.

The DVRR report provides standardized data collection that can be aggregated across regional/geographic areas.

The MedReportGuard application was developed collaboratively with the district attorney, law enforcement and health care providers. The program was uniquely designed to meet the security requirements for both law enforcement and medical information (HIPAA). It is supported by the Alameda County Medical Center, The Police Chief’s Association, and Alameda County Health Care Finance. It is currently being tested in the Emergency Department of Highland Hospital and there are plans to deploy to all Alameda County emergency departments and community clinics as soon initial revisions are completed.