Developed in partnership with forensic medical examiners, the MedReportGuard Suite provides a complete set of forensic evidence collection forms with built-in tools and automated workflows. Tried and tested from emergency departments and rural clinics, this system is built for you.

For examiners:

  1. Improve Documentation: better document injuries.
  2. Patient-Centered: tablet-enabled and trauma-informed to allow you to focus on your patient and providing excellent care.
  3. Streamline Exams: shorten your exam times through built-in logic and automated workflows.
  4. Enhance Your QA: quality assurance is built into the DNA of the software to ensure high-quality evidence is produced.
  5. Simplified Records Management: store your forensic examinations including any images and associated documentation.

For team managers

  1. Leverage data to understand your patients, and better target training to your team.
  2. Understand case volumes to help streamline your on-call schedule manage limited resources.
  3. Easy reporting to help you apply for grants and collaborate with your local public safety agencies.

Any forensic examination form or screening tool can be made available to your team.

Current Standard Forms Available: