SART e923

If you are experiencing issues with the form working properly, and have already cleared the cache but aren’t seeing any changes, it is best to completely power off your device and restart. Before doing so, sign out of the form by clicking “SIGN OUT” in the upper right hand corner of the screen, and close

The Custom fields are areas on the e923 that can be customized for your team and location(s). These are optional but will make filling out the form during an examination more efficient if customized to your purposes/location/personnel.

If you are not a member of a team and wish to only create a single individual account first click “Create an Account”:  Then you only fill out the top part of this form before submitting:

!! Important !! If you have a TEAM, and you are the Administrator for that TEAM please create your Team Account first and then Invite your team members using this system. The workflow is: Team Leaders create their user account using the “Create an Account” button: This is the User Registration page for creating individual

Follow the steps below to clear your cache in Safari:  Step 1: Open Settings App, which you will find on your iPad home screen Step 2: In the Settings App, tap SAFARI and you will see an option for CLEAR HISTORY AND WEBSITE DATE and an option for ADVANCED Step 3: First, click on CLEAR