You work to improve the outcomes for survivors of interpersonal violence.

We provide your online hub for managing forensic medical reporting, mandatory reports, cross-agency referrals, survivor workflows and detailed data analysis.

Collaborate toward survivors’ care with other healthcare, law enforcement, advocacy and public health professionals, all in one place.

Centering survivors’ care

Streamlined workflow allows you to focus on the survivor

With our Document-Inform-Analyze workflow, we bring together everything needed to Document survivors’ injuries, required medical care, forensic medical exams, and risk of lethal injury, as well as all mandated forms.

The click of a button allows healthcare providers to Inform law enforcement, crime labs and victim service providers about needed follow-up.

Partner dashboards then allow law enforcement, crime labs and victim service providers to indicate their interactions with survivors, keeping everyone in the loop about survivors’ well being and access to care.

At the end of the day, we make it easy for both partners and public health departments to Analyze the total care survivors received through customized reporting dashboards and easy-to-use analytical tools.

Tailored Design

Reflects how your agency engages with interpersonal violence

We’ve woven together the unique language, paperwork and processes each agency uses to engage with interpersonal violence to create a seamless collaborative experience that recognizes your agency’s unique documentation, collaboration and analytical needs.

In the healthcare setting, survivors of interpersonal violence face barriers at every turn, frequently fall through the cracks, or become subject to repeat victimization as a result of the paper-based processes, patchwork services, and lack of robust infrastructure capable of enabling healthcare providers to effectively serve this sensitive patient population.

MedReportGuard provides validated software for documenting and communicating mandatory reporting, forensic medical examination, and puts services at providers’ fingertips.


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Founded by an emergency room provider with over 25 years’ experience working with interpersonal violence crimes, MRG understands the nuances of interpersonal violence and works tirelessly alongside you to keep survivors safe.


Compelling new research shows that interagency collaboration dramatically improves survivor outcomes


Secure HIPAA and HITECH compliant, based on a zero trust model with defense In depth controls, graduated security, least privileged access, and industry-standard encryption.


MRG is cloud-native, supporting high availability and enabling access from any device with an internet connection. Our solutions have withstood the test of rigorous use, from the emergency department to mobile forensic examination teams using hotspot connections.

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